Terms & Conditions | Legal Disclaimer

The idea of KETSU is to be an app that adapts websites into app format, via modules. Offering all the extra features that KETSU has which make the interaction for the users more appealing and complete.

Modules contain the instructions for the app to work, they manage to get the data from websites and draw the layout of KETSU, which will vary depending on the website they have been made to.

KETSU doesn´t provide any modules nor promotes them.

KETSU by itself can´t do anything unless you load a module on it, modules make the app function (Modules are in JSON format).

Modules can take advantage of the KETSU video player, Image viewer, Text reader.

KETSU is desinged to be used with modules provided / created by the user complying every legal aspect of intelectual property & Apple terms of service.

You are responsible to check the modules you decide to load or create, adapt websites that provide legal content and that you have all the rights for the contents or utilities provided by those third party websites through the modules.

KETSU provides documentation so the users can create their own modules for KETSU, the documentation showcase the modules system and how to create a module.

KETSU modules don´t run on any external server, everything is executed on the users phone through different frameworks provided by apple to interact with the WKWebview such evaluateJavascript()

The user (you) is responsible for the Modules that he decides to load / create on and for KETSU.

KETSU doesn't host or provide any type of content to the user, the Modules that the user decide to load are the ones that will display the data from third party websites not affiliated with KETSU depending on the module the user loaded / created.

KETSU has no affiliation with any website / third party content provider that a module could have been adapted to.

The user must provide their own modules, KETSU doesnt provide any modules.

KETSU team does not endorse the access to copyrighted materieals without permission from the copyright holder.

By using KETSU you accept above mentioned terms and conditions.