KETSU Terms & Conditions | Legal Disclaimer

1. Introduction

The purpose of KETSU is to be an app that adapts websites into app format through the use of modules, providing users with enhanced features and interactions. This Legal Disclaimer ("Disclaimer") outlines important information regarding the use of KETSU and the responsibilities of users. By using KETSU, you agree to comply with this Disclaimer. If you do not agree with this Disclaimer, please refrain from using the app.

2. Functionality and Modules

a. Module Functionality: Modules contain instructions that enable KETSU to retrieve data from websites and present it in the KETSU app format. The layout and functionality of KETSU may vary depending on the specific website a module is designed for.

b. Module Availability: KETSU neither provides nor promotes modules. It is important to note that KETSU does not include any pre-installed modules.

c. Module Format: Modules are provided in JSON format and are responsible for giving the functionality of the KETSU app.

d. KETSU Features: Modules can take advantage of KETSU's video player, image viewer, and text reader to enhance user interactions.

3. User Responsibilities

a. Module Usage: KETSU is designed to be used with modules provided or created by users who comply with all legal aspects of intellectual property and Apple's terms of service.

b. Content Rights: Users are responsible for verifying that the modules they choose to load, create, or adapt work with websites that provide legal content. Users must also ensure that they possess all the necessary rights for the content or utilities provided by third-party websites through the modules.

c. Module Documentation: KETSU provides documentation to assist users in creating their own modules for the app, offering insight into the module system and the module creation process.

d. Server Execution: It is important to note that KETSU modules do not run on external servers; rather, all processing occurs on the user's phone through frameworks provided by Apple to interact with WKWebView, such as evaluateJavascript().

e. User Accountability: Users are responsible for the modules they decide to load, create, or adapt within KETSU. KETSU's team is not liable for the modules' functionality or content.

4. Content Hosting and Affiliation

a. No Content Hosting: KETSU does not host or provide any type of content to users. The modules that users choose to load are responsible for displaying data from third-party websites not affiliated with KETSU. The displayed content depends on the specific module loaded or created by the user.

b. Affiliation: KETSU has no affiliation with any website or third-party content provider that a module may be adapted to.

5. Copyright and Legal Compliance

a. Module Ownership: Users must provide their own modules, as KETSU does not supply any modules. The KETSU team does not endorse accessing copyrighted materials without permission from the copyright holder.

6. Acceptance of Terms

By using KETSU, you acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions outlined in this Disclaimer.